Előadó Neve Dalszövegek

My Baby Wants To Look Like Betty Page

Betty Page, Betty Page, my baby wants to look like Betty Page,
she's got fishnet stockings with devilish face,
to everybody's great outrage.I love her so, I love her so!
She's my pretty baby, I love her so!
I'll never let her go, I'll never let her go,
She's my gal, hey Pal! she's my sweet hell!
She never slows down, she's moving well,
And her movements keep on ringin' a bell, bell!

Oh Betty, oh Betty I love my gal...
She can turn me on!Screamin' wild, screamin' wild,
Cat of the wildness, cat of the night,
Cat o' blue days, cat o' nine tails,
The cat of everybody and my baby wants her face!
She's an idol, queen of the age, 'cause my baby
wants to look like Betty Page!