Előadó Neve Dalszövegek

Fly To The Moon

Fly to the moon, Fly-fly to the moon...
Well I'm cruisin', cruisin' on the road,
Tonight, the moon is my home.
I feel it lifts me up, and I'm flyin' on my own.

Well I fly-fly-fly... and the blue moon
is shining bright-bright-brightFly to the moon...
Well I'm sweepin' trough the sky,
And it's time to say good bye, say good bye!
Don't forget me I'm takin' off,
The moon is shining bright!

Fly-fly-flyFly to the moon...
Well I'm floating out in space
But I can't forget your face, pretty baby face,
I'll return one day when the moon shows me the way!
But I fly-fly-fly...